Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Blog -- Features -- New Utau

Hello everyone! This blog has been created because the series name, Utau Aeon, has now been changed to Utau Essence. (Name suggestion by Legendmaker12 8D)
Yes, this does mean that I will not be updating the Utau Aeon blog.

New features:
Twitter box...thing.
Shizuka Tei's updated acts...
*Basic voicebank. (romaji and hiragana)
*3.1 voicebank...language compatibilities still unknown

Also, a new Utau is in the making! She is voiced by one of my IRL friends. Samples of her voice will be uploaded later as the voicer still has to record some samples.

Given the name change in the series, Utaus of this brand will be labeled as UE-E.
For example, Shizuka Tei will be UE-E 01.

.::Note::. This blog is still under construction and will be updated daily for as long as my attention span lasts. :'D